Policy Revision

SWTC can provide policy and procedures review at the needs of your agency. Whether it is creating a new or a review of a single policy, to an entire overhaul of your agencies existing policy and procedure manual. SWTC will review, create and implement; update existing language, re-name, re-number, or organize in a manner for better functionality to current laws or law enforcement trends, using the current policy manual approved by your Agency. Contractor will create, as needed, appropriate policy/procedure manual structured to accommodate current policy content enhancing agency professionalism and accountability. The mission of the project is to deliver and develop a comprehensive, well thought out, uniform set of written directives to assist the agency in reaching administrative and operational goals, while providing direction to personnel. Ultimately, the final goal is improving law enforcement service’s delivery and the agency’s relationship with the community.

The policy and procedure review and implementation process will work as followed:

Current Policy review, what is applicable, what is practical, and what has solid functionality for your agency. Identify procedures or policies that are missing from current content.

New policy draft or revisions/updates to current policy.

Review policy panel: (who needs to be involved listed here)

  • Primary work group
  • Agency Head review
  • Legal review
  • Human Resources review
  • Union or other Agency Official

Final Policy Draft.
Final Policy Manual.


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