Promotional Process

Have you been using an outside company that comes in from California or New York? Is your agency spending a lot of money to have this process conducted by using that outside resource? Are those resources using outdated material, or case law that does not coincide with what you follow? We are a local New Mexico company that provides this service.

Southwest Training Consultants LLC would like to offer your agency the ability to have a fair and equitable process that meets your agency’s needs. Our staff has years of experience developing, running, and overseeing the promotional process from the beginning to the very end. We will meet with you and identify the current trends going on in your department then develop the process around those things that need improvement or are of utmost concern.

What you should expect:

Written Examination

We will develop a custom written examination tailored to your department’s policy, which will included:

  1. Your agencies policies and procedures
  2. State Statutes
  3. City ordinances
  4. Case Law
  5. Union contract – If applicable
  6. Any additional publications deemed necessary

We will then administer the exam, optional. Once it has been taken we will complete the analysis and provide you with a comprehensive look at how your officers did.

Then we will set up the assessment phase of the process. Working with the agency to provide a fair and equitable event we will review policy and contracts to ensure we meet the agencies standards.

As we complete the assessment phase, again you will be provided with analysis of how your officers faired.

Our staff has years of experience and we would love to help you with your process.

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