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Below are the classes most often requested at Southwest Training Consultants. If you do not see a course you are looking for, please feel free to contact us and allow us the opportunity to meet your needs.

Instructor Development:

This week long class will give you the foundation to become a professional and dynamic instructor. We will learn the principles of learning and teaching, and the qualities of a good instructor. In addition we will go over the importance of visual aids and brush up your skills on PowerPoint. You will also learn how to develop your own curriculum and how to get it accredited. This is a great class with a high energy instructor. The week will fly by and you will be eligible to obtain your state certification.

Instructor: Kevin Bruno

Instructor Refresher:

This course is designed to refresh the general instructor. We will discuss some of the basics and talk about some new ideas. This is a state accredited course that is required every four years. Although this is a required course we see no reason it can’t be a great time to make new connections and get yourself updated as you continue to educate others.

Instructor: Kevin Bruno

Dealing with the Mentally Ill (House Bill 93 compliant):

For several years now we have seen a dramatic increase in major incidents involving those with mental health illness. Not only nationally, but right here in New Mexico and the surrounding states we have seen major incidents. From churches, to schools, to hospitals these events have changed our lives. We will learn the basics in de-escalation and discuss what those suffering from mental illness may be dealing with. This class is offered in four or eight hour blocks and meet the state mandate.

Instructor: Kevin Bruno

Report Writing:

Report writing is one of the most frequent things a law enforcement officer does. From the basic citation to the complex report, this class will give you the ins and outs on report writing. We will go over basic grammatical skills and then go into the necessary items needed for a comprehensive report. When it comes to report writing, the ultimate purpose is for the end reader. Can you interpret on paper exactly what happened? This class will help you “paint the picture” for the end readers as well as better prepare your case for court.

Instructors: Multiple SWTC Instructors

Biennium Training:

Every two years those of us in Law Enforcement are required to take a minimum of forty hours of instruction. Those classes are most often dictated to us by the legislative mandate or what happens to be going on in our area of concern. Our goal is to provide you the best education and meet the state requirement. The energetic instructors on staff will guide you through those classes that are often seen as repetitive or not as interesting with a different perspective. The goal is to make those classes worth attending so you as the student get the most out of the instruction.

Instructors: Multiple SWTC Instructors

First Line Supervisor:

As you enter the world of supervision, there are a lot of things that change. There are expectations of you and your performance. This class will help you identify those things needed to be an effective supervisor/leader vs the ineffective manager. During this week long block of instruction we go over several topics to include organizational skills, leadership, supervising pursuits, character development, dealing with difficult employees, and handling a checkpoint. This is a dynamic block of instruction and will immerse you into the world of supervision. Prepare for a lot of interaction and dialog discussing the all the facets of taking on that new responsibility.

Instructors: Multiple SWTC Instructors

Courtroom Testimony/Prep:

Going to court is generally not on the top of the list of things an officer likes to do, but it is a critical component of our duty. This class will prepare you for the pitfalls of testifying. We will go over several areas to include preparation, testifying in front of a jury, the dreaded cross examination as well as courtroom demeanor. This is a great class to take as a new officer, or even for a seasoned officer.

Instructors: Multiple SWTC Instructors

Field Training Officer Program (FTO Program):

In law enforcement we can all recall that one who took us under their wing and developed us into the officer we are today. Although some were not as good as others, we still wanted to impress the one or two senior officers that always took care of us and put us on the right path. FTO 101 will help you develop your field training officers to become this officer. Becoming a certified FTO is not just about knowing this ins and outs of the job or the department but more importantly being a positive role model, mentor and leader. As an FTO we must understand times have changed and the “Rookie Officers” that are coming into the field are different. This class will give you tips and techniques to better approach these “Rookie Officers” in order to tap into their strengths in order to make a more positive, hardworking officer which will better fit your department.

We would love to talk to you about this training specifically for your department as we will cater the curriculum to your agency’s needs.

Instructors: Multiple SWTC Instructors

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The McKinley County Sheriff’s Office has worked with SWTC since 2015. The level of dedication and professionalism is great, prices are fair, and they have a personal touch that is exceptional in this day and age. I personally and professionally recommend SWTC for all your training, consulting and promotional needs.
~ James Maiorano III, Undersheriff